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It is normal to have stressful moments during the wedding planning process and they will pass.

I'm here to remind you to take a break from all the wedding "stuff" to reconnect with your future spouse, your finances, and your own emotions.

Your wedding is going to be an amazing day, but remember it is just day one of an incredible marriage.

Keep investing energy and love into the future you are building together . . .

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The Wedded Bliss Membership

Did you know that 70% of couples plan their weddings without the help of a professional planner?!

Unfortunately, for the majority of couples, planning a wedding without the guidance of a professional means that your wedding will be a lot more work and likely cost more money.

Wedded Bliss is pleased to announce a membership opportunity which will give you the support of a wedding planner throughout your engagement.

What does the Wedded Bliss Membership include?

  • Access to our proven step-by-step planning roadmap. This is a full-on wedding planning tool that takes you from developing your wedding budget to writing thank you notes with money-saving tips at every step.
  • Monthly group planning calls with a pro. Each month all members are welcome to call in to discuss their current joys and challenges on their planning journey. You will get professional support and direction each step of the way.
  • Access to a budget-minded support community. Club members can connect with others on this journey to share in the ups and downs of the planning process and support one another in planning their dream day on budget, helping each other stay accountable and on track.
  • Every couple that joins the Wedded Bliss Membership taps into a wealth of money-saving resources and has access to professional guidance, support, and budget accountability every step of the way.

Here at the Wedded Bliss, we've developed a cost-effective solution to guide couples through the wedding planning process as we believe couples planning on ALL budgets deserve to have access to this type of professional guidance and support.

I hear all of the time that brides have an idea of what they want but then they say something like this to me... ”I don’t want to be a burden to anyone so I think we will just do this instead”. This is where I come in and help brides reframe how they think about weddings so they can be in alignment with their wedding and have the wedding of THEIR dreams and not the dreams of everyone else they are trying to please.