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About Beverley.

With a background in the financial industry as a qualified accountant and Programme Manager, Beverley bring her corporate skills not only to provide technical support in budgeting for and planning your wedding but also a deeper understanding of how difficult it can be to balance your new life as bride to be with a busy career life.

Having also studied performance coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), she provides support emotionally, including resilience & confidence building, working with self-limiting beliefs & imposter syndrome and can help you create a greater overall sense of wellbeing.

Alongside Wedded Bliss, Beverley provides Programme Management support to high end, multi-million transformation programmes, provides performance coaching through her other platform ‘’I am Not a Robot’’ and can be seen at events up and down the country delivering her renowned speech & workshops on the subject of personal development and managing self-limiting beliefs.


This is where I come in, I help brides reframe how they think about weddings so they can be in alignment with their wedding and have the wedding of THEIR dreams and not the dreams of everyone else they are trying to please

My interpersonal and communication skills make me a very different styled coach and mentor, with a natural aptitude and effective way to engage with many different people in very different situations.

My continuing professional development, continuing my studies in the field of neuroscience and therapy, alongside my passion for people, empathy and commitment to my own self-development, allows me to work with indiviuals to identify needs and develop suitable resources to support their overall sense of greater wellbeing.

My programme management  and leadership background allows me to deliver this awareness and empowerment in a multitude of ways, effectively and efficiently, via personal and group, virtual and face to face sessions and programmes and also at conferences and mastermind events such as the Bee-Inspired event in Manchester at the beginning of 2020 with the wonderful Dani Wallace & and ex-atomic kitten member Natasha Hamilton.  I can found up and down the country at various venues and events delivering my renowned talk and workshop on self-limiting beliefs ‘’I am Not a Robot’’.